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Zombicide: Black Plague Plastic Token Set

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The world of Zombicide: Black Plague is as dangerous as it is immersive. The Plastic Token pack takes players one step further into that world. Matching all of the tokens in the game with suped-up components. Players will be drawn in like never before. The sculpted Broken Wall works perfectly with the Abominotaur from the Zombie Bosses Abomination Pack.


  • 10 Broken Walls
  • 4 Vault Doors
  • 6 Spawn Zone
  • 6 Necromancer Spawn Zones
  • 10 Objectives
  • 4 Dragon Bile
  • 18 Noise
  • 1 Exit Zone
  • 1 First Player
  • 1 Rotten
  • 1 Free Action