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Dwar7s Duel

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To survive the long and terrible winter, the dwarfs need to prepare. Collect gems, fight monsters, build castles, and stock food. Time is precious and it is vital to plan your actions wisely!

Dwar7s Duel is a fast-paced, worker placement and resource management game for two players. It plays in 30 minutes, making it perfect for a quick match on the road or on game night! Dwar7s Duel is a 2 player version of Dwar7s Fall and compatible with Dwar7s Fall expansions.

In this game, players take turns performing up to 3 actions, then resolving cards in the tableau, and finally discarding down to 9 cards. An action can be playing a kingdom card from their hand to a shared tableau, moving a dwarf, or upgrading a worker.

Resolving cards is is done by removing dwarves from the card (if the dwarves on the card are all the same color), and collecting the rewards. Using these rewards allows the player to complete private and public goals.

Be careful, because discarding down to the hand limit of 9 cards can include having to discard recently acquired gems and ogres, as players cannot discard kingdom cards.

These player turns will continue until one player has completed at least three goals. At this time, the other player will get one last turn, if they haven't already had a turn this round.

Finally, victory points are tallied from completed goals, defeated monsters, gems in hand, and kingdoms.