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Cults Across America

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In Cults Across America, you control a bunch of religious fanatics who aim to dominate the entire United States of America. Your faction consists of cultists, priests, creatures, and others, and their plans for domination include such goals as the creation of a continuous chain of lunatics that stretches from coast to coast.

Cults Across America is not a serious simulation. Rather, it allows players of all stripes to have a good time for a few hours, whether they aim to crush their competitors using deep-thinking strategy, enact improbable religious campaigns, or simply froth, foam, yell, and destroy.

Three Games in One
There are three different ways to play Cults Across America.

The Standard Game
This is the normal game. It is intended for players who don’t mind taking a few hours to play a game but who like a strong dose of the beer and pretzels factor, even if it means their painstakingly enacted strategic schemes are occasionally foiled by a player who manages to win the Mythos 500.

The Strategic Game
This is similar to the Standard Game, but removes some of really weird stuff. It allows more conventional board gamers to concentrate on sane strategies and not get too disturbed by wandering madness.

The Bloodbath Scenario
This is Cults Across America on steroids, and can be played in as little as an hour. The rule set is reduced somewhat so players don’t have to get all concerned about resource management and other fiddly details. The victory conditions are simple too: you win by stomping the hell out of anything that’s not on your side. Last man (or whatever) standing takes the day.

Cults Across America has a Cthulhu Mythos theme.