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Countdown: Action Edition

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Dog Might Games is back with its newest title Countdown: Action Edition! With a short play time, tons of player options, built-in moderator, and unique role-playing mechanics, Countdown: Action Edition delivers a totally new hidden role experience.

One reckless Action Hero.
An out of control hostage situation.
Who will you trust?

In Countdown: Action Edition players become characters within a 1980’s action flick. Villains have taken hostages and rigged the whole place to blow, but they didn’t count on the timely arrival of the Action Hero. Thinking fast they’ve hidden themselves among the hostages waiting to be released. There’s not enough time to save everyone. Get the innocent hostages out while leaving the bad guys behind to fall victim to their own plots. Unfortunately for our Hero, many of the hostages also have their own plans to use this situation to their advantage.

The new Countdown Deck system creates exciting tension by randomly triggering the end of the game. Since no one knows which card will be the bomb every decision is critical, and games stay fast and fun.

A moderator is built directly into gamplay through the Action Hero. Making sure that everyone gets in on the fun while still keeping the game organized and flowing.

Action Scene Cards make sure that every player gets an opportunity to take center stage and can redirect the movie scene with unexpected plot twists.    

Role Playing is a core part of gameplay making each game a hilarious and different experience. Watch your friends drop epic one liners and do their best 80’s movie impressions. The amazing art from Andrew Thompson is designed to help everyone, from new role players to experienced actors, get into character.

Jam packed with nostalgia and humor, Countdown: Action Edition offers many new twists on the beloved hidden role genre.