Pre-Owned Games

~Pre-Owned Games are sold on consignment~

YOU set the price!

If sold, you get 70% of your price in store credit

Games have 60 days to sell

Limit of 5 items per household at any one time

A Fun Way to Rotate Your Game and Puzzle Collection



Selling Your Previously Loved Games and Puzzles:

Wondering how the process works from start to finish? Well…
First, you bring in your well-loved board game, card game, or puzzle. Games should be fully playable and puzzles should have all their pieces. You will be filling out a short form at the store to declare the state of your game or puzzle. At this time, you will set the sale price.
Then, we will process, tag, inventory, and shrink-wrap your item before putting it on the shelf. Your game will have up to sixty (60) days to sell.
Ideally, someone will see your game, agree to your price, and take your previously loved game home to be loved some more. But what happens next?
Well, buyers will have three (3) days to take the item home, assess the condition of the game for themselves, and ensure they agree with your assessment. (As long as the description is clear and truthful, there should be no problems). After the three (3) day waiting period, we will contact you to close out the ticket and issue you a store credit for seventy percent (70%) of the price you had set.
What happens if they disagree with your assessment? Well, they bring it back to us for a full refund. We will reach out to you to discuss and resolve the situation. Considering the credit will not have been issued before this, there should be no problems there.
What happens if after sixty (60) days your game has not sold? Well, we will contact you to pick up your items at your earliest convenience. If you have not returned to collect your items within six (6) months, we will not continue to hold your item.

Buying a Previously Loved Game or Puzzle:

All games will be given a tag which displays the condition of the item, the price, and any notes the seller wishes to include (e.g. Kickstarter Exclusive, Inserts included, Painted Minis, etc.). All this information comes directly from the owner of the item.
When you purchase a pre-owned game from us, you have three (3) days to assess the condition of the items and ensure you agree with the description given by the previous owner. If there are any discrepancies, you can bring the item back for a full refund within that three (3) day window.
Note: You will need to retain your receipt for a full refund.
Note: Items that are “New in Shrink” and “Puzzles” are NOT returnable under any conditions.
What now? Time to enjoy your new game! If you find yourself ready to part with it in the future, feel free to take advantage of selling it yourself!