Play Space Rules

Please note the new revision of the Play Space Rules, effective 01/01/2021.

  1. There is a fee of $3 per person to use the Play Space.
  2. Face coverings are required at all times within the store.
  3. No food or outside drinks permitted.
  4. Please clean up after yourself. Leave the space as you found it. If you move something, please return it to its original state at your game’s conclusion.
  5. Your game must finish no later than one half-hour prior to closing.
  6. Please keep the noise level to speaking volume. The occasional "hooray" or "woohoo" will be an exception, of course, within reason.  
  7. No additional equipment is permitted without prior approval. This includes but is not limited to: TVs, speakers, tables, sofas, chairs, and laptops.
  8. No 3rd party business is to be conducted within the store. This includes but is not but is not limited to: delivering of goods or services, giving or receiving payments for goods or services rendered, arranging business unrelated to store operations.