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Fantasy Mapmaker

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Create maps that bring wondrous worlds to life!

75+ step-by-step demonstrations guide your way. 

While everyday maps get us from here to there, fantasy maps transport us to places beyond our wildest imaginings. It's no coincidence that some of the genre's most immersive titles, from novels to role-playing games, feature compelling map elements that lend credence to the imaginative worlds they portray. In Fantasy Mapmaker, professional gaming illustrator Jared Blando offers easy-to-follow directions for creating your own local maps in a fun, engaging, fantasy style. Inside you'll find: 

  • Strategies for mapping various types of settlements, from humble hamlets and smaller towns to bustling cities and castles. 
  • How to draw bird's eye views of structures ranging from modest cottages and bustling harbours to grand temples, sacred groves and fantastical airship platforms. 
  • How to portray manmade elements such as roads, windmills and fountains, as well as natural features like mountains, rivers and forests. 
  • Secrets to adding polish and personality to your map with title boxes, compasses, legends, coats of arms and other finishing touches. 
  • Tons of step-by-step instruction, including three complete, start-to-finish map-making demonstrations. 

Above and beyond the basic hows of drawing, this book shows you how to lay out your realm thoughtfully, making the most of the narrative power of each and every element. You'll come away with the skills to craft beautifully illustrated maps that look and feel authentic... the kind of maps that launch unforgettable journeys.