ArcKnight Flat Plastic Miniatures: PF2 Spell Effects

ArcKnight Flat Plastic Miniatures: PF2 Spell Effects

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Spell Effects 2.0 has taken our Spell Effects packs to the next level!

***This 3-page set is DIE CUT***, more beautiful than ever with updated printing, a streamlined layout, and tricks to cram even more spells into your sheets.

INCLUDES a plastic envelope to store your spells in. Additionally, everything has been trimmed down and streamlined so the product fits in a sturdy box and ships under 1 pound, to minimize domestic US shipping!

The PF Spell Effects set contains EVERY spell size and shape, for every class.

Compatible with both PF and PF2, with printed spell notes updated for PF2.

We took our Class Packs - PF Wizard set back to kickstarter for our first-ever “2.0” campaign, with user suggestions to improve the product, and crushed it with over 1200 backers!

Double-sided printing on transparent plastic, with graphics on one side, and helpful notes on the other to remind you of damage codes, saving throws, and other key details.

Each page uses it’s own unique die-cut template layout with ‘Nested’ shapes, allowing some pieces to overlap. Every shape is completely pre-cut! You will NOT need scissors to enjoy this product!

This 3-page kit covers over 24 spell templates, dozens of buff and reference tokens, unit summoning tokens, and inspiration tokens. A fantastic aide for both player and GM. You will never need another set of PF Spell Effects!

Spell list includes:

  • Lighting Bolt

  • Grease

  • Dragon Breath

  • Elemental Fire

  • Wall of Fire

  • Web

  • Fireball

  • Reverse Gravity

  • Cone of Cold

  • Meteor Swarm

  • Cloudkill

  • Obscuring Mist

  • Stinking Cloud

  • Sleep

  • Grim Tendrils

  • Sound Burst

  • Glitterdust

  • Sanctified Ground

  • Crushing Despair

  • Burning Hands

and over 30 tokens!